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Antique New England homes and barns, history, restoration, and reinterpretation, Jim DeStefano; foreword by Roy Underhill; drawings by Kenneth A. Flemming

"There is something about antique homes and their hard-working barns that captures the imagination. Maybe its their pleasing proportions, maybe they remind us of a simpler time, or maybe we sense that these venerable old survivors that were built when our country was young have seen it all. But how many of us have bothered to listen to the stories they tell or tried to understand what makes them tick? This book reveals the essence of antique New England homes and barnstheir history, the people who built them, why they were built that way, and how to restore them, piece by piece, without losing their character. Learn to identify architectural styles from different periods, how to strategize a restoration, and how to approach it systematically, from the timber frame to the floors, walls, and ceilings, windows and doors, wiring, finishes, and landscaping." --Provided by the publisher
Table Of Contents
History and evolution of the New England home: European ancestors -- First period, 1620-1725 -- Saltboxes and capes -- Georgian period, 1725-1790 -- Federal period, 1790-1820 -- Greek revival, 1820-1860 -- Colonial revival, 1890-present -- Seaport townhouses -- Barns -- Dating tips -- Restoration strategies: Getting started -- Learning yer rs -- Rules to live by -- Sustainability -- Transplanting your antique home -- Reinterpreting the New England home: the new old house -- Building and restoring: Earth, stone, and fire: masonry fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, and other heavy stuff -- Timber frame -- Roofing and siding -- Floors, walls, and ceilings -- Windows and doors -- Heavy metal, iron hardware -- Kitchens and baths -- Cabinets and millwork -- Paint and paper -- Blood and guts: plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems -- Landscapes, gardens, and grounds -- Zen and the art of living with your antique home
Literary Form
non fiction
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200 pages, color illustrations, 29 cm

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