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Do-it-yourself sustainable water projects, collect, store, purify, and drill for water, Paul Dempsey ; Tony Selby, illustrator - (acid-free paper)

This DIY guide shows how to collect, store, purify, and drill for water with 10 inexpensive projects, and provides practical conservation information. "Do-It-Yourself Sustainable Water Projects" provides everything you need to know to create your own water projects--from collecting rainwater and air conditioner condensate to properly drilling and constructing pump systems. A list of manufacturers and other resources is included to help locate all the products used in the book. This practical guide also provides a basis for understanding the importance of water--the most precious resource--and how the lack of it affects different regions around the world
Table Of Contents
[1] Glimmers of Light -- Worldwide Water Use -- Here at Home -- Climate Change -- The Way Forward -- [2] Using Less -- NAEUS -- Lawn and Garden -- Indoors -- Composting Toilets -- [3] Water from Air -- Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) -- Air Conditioner Condensate Recovery -- A Word about Greywater -- [4] Wells -- Well Basics -- Buying Property with a Well -- Hiring a Driller -- DIY Drilling -- [5] Pumps and Related Components -- Well Yield -- Pump Performance -- Water Demand -- Pump Sizing -- Maintenance Issues -- Piping -- Standard Jet Pumps -- Deep-Well Jet Pumps -- Centrifugal Submersible Pumps -- Water Storage -- Pump Motor Controls -- [6] Alternative Power -- Solar Power -- Wind Power -- Human Power -- A Last Word -- Glossary -- Appendix A: Water Web Sites
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xi, 259 pages, illustrations, 23 cm.

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